The Great Canadian Road Trip

As I mentioned in a previous post, Miles and I have already completed a long-ass cross-country road trip of the United States.  So the idea of a road trip across Canada was a natural next step.

Per usual, we only have a general idea of where we are going, mostly because we know that we’ll have to be on our toes due to our notoriously crazy mishaps.

Anyhow, here’s where we are planning on being in May:

Vancouver- First we are kicking this road trip in style.  Vancouver is like a city from the future imagined by a city from the future.  After 12 years of living in a city from the past imagined by a city from the past, it’ll be quite a change.  Things we plan on checking out: The night market, first nation art and food, and of course Beard Papa!



Kelowna- Miles and I drink wine,  a lot of wine.  Usually, we plan our trips around wine regions, so it only makes sense to stop in the middle of nowhere to drink some wine.

Banff- Those that know me, know that I’m not really into being outdoors but Banff and Jasper are so freaking beautiful that I’m pushing aside my irrational fear of caribou and heading that way.  It’ll be early to mid-May when we visit, so if you don’t hear from me after this, come look for my frozen ass in the summer!


Banff National Park

Winnipeg- Despite listening to Propagandhi and The Weakerthans in our youth, we are going to Winnipeg.  Some hipster looking people told us it was legit, so we are checking it out.  If it isn’t, I am sure we will spend the entire time drinking our livers into submission.


Winnipeg at Night


Niagara Falls-  I went here when I was little, I don’t remember it, we’re going back.  I look forward to freezing to death while experiencing vertigo.


Niagara Falls


Toronto- Sure it might be Vancouver’s ugly cousin, but whateves.  We’re stopping in to take a look at as many of the super cool neighborhoods as possible.


Toronto Skyline at Night


Prince Edward Island- We love mussles so much we’re going to the source.  Also, once we leave Quebec, the awesomeness of Canada seems to trickle to a halt, so we are looking for reasons to be excited.  (Miles wants everyone to know that he is in very strong opposition to the previous statement. He is very excited about the Eastern coast of Canada)Why not mussles?


Prince Edward Island Coast


Halifax- Halifax is on the opposite end of Canada from Vancouver so it seemed a natural end point for our cross Canada road trip.  Gorging on seafood and drinking copious amounts of beer seems highly likely.


Halifax Skyline at Night

A NOTE ON MONTREAL, QUEBEC, AND OTTOWA: We chose to skip these awesome cities since we will be spending the summer in Montreal and will have plenty of time to visit them then.  I’m talkin about Ribfest in Ottowa!