Who the Hell are We?

Hello internet stranger.  Welcome to our humble website.  This is my husband Miles and I am Gimena.  Our story began almost 12 years ago in Chicago.  We met in the last year of my undergrad studies and instantly fell in love, like a gross romantic comedy.  One day, while both incredibly hungover at brunch, I had the idea to go on a 3-month road trip across the United States.  Miles took less than a minute to agree to my insane plan, and within a month, we were packing our belongings and heading to New York to start our trip.

We spent three months visiting friends, family, and strangers, all across the country.  Eventually, after A LOT of soul searching we ended up in New Orleans.  We’ve called this magical place home for 12 years now.



During those twelve years, we adulted!  We became professionals, bought a house, built careers, traveled, ate and drank too much, and hatched a plan to return to my native Buenos Aires.  Our plan was very much real, but it was murky and “in the future.”

2014 brought some huge fucking changes in our lives.  I found a new passion in tango, got fired from a soul-sucking job, and Miles spent the year trying to find stable work.  Around the same time I got shit-canned, I found a website that changed my entire outlook on life, Mr. Money Mustache.  Within a few weeks, the murky plan of returning to Buenos Aires had become a plan to quit our jobs for good.

Over the next few years, Miles and I were able to save a nice little nest egg while rehabbing our house, now turned investment property.  We patiently and not-so-patiently waited until we were financially ready.



In November 2017, Miles announced his resignation.  I followed in December.  We are ready to take on the world, starting with our seven-month voyage to return to my homeland.  If any of our previous trips are any indication, our journey will be filled with hiccups, getting lost, exhaustion and more, causing us to always be on the lookout for the next spot to take a breath and have a drink.

In addition to this crazy blog, we also have some other projects.